When Toyota closed down, Hung Dang found himself out of work. He was passionate about working with cars and experienced in auto manufacturing, but without the right qualifications for car servicing, he didn’t get very far. When he heard about how Jobs Victoria Partner AGA could support him through an adult apprenticeship, he knew this was the career he wanted to pursue long term.

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Like many auto workers in Victoria, Hung found himself without a job when his factory stopped producing. He has a young family and the stress of trying to find more work in his field, and worrying about how to make ends meet if he couldn’t, was weighing on his mind.

Hung Dang at work with BMW's Workshop Manager Leigh Hughes

Hung Dang at work with BMW's Workshop Manager Leigh Hughes

Hung’s sister told him about Jobs Victoria Partner AGA and the fast-tracked apprenticeships for retrenched auto workers. Hung applied, and immediately secured a position at the BMW South Yarra workshop, learning on the job and gaining the qualifications he needs to forge ahead in his chosen career. He is supported every day by AGA and is now a valued member of the busy BMW team.

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