It was a big leap from Zimbabwe to swim teaching in Geelong, but Tadi dived right in.

He knew when he arrived in Australia in 2021 that he wanted to work with the community, as he had back home.

So, when Tadi saw our advertisement for swim teachers, he applied right away. He got free training and the support he needed to become a swim teacher, thanks to Jobs Victoria, the Swim Coaches and Teachers Association, and the Geelong Aquatic Centre. Now he’s working part-time while completing a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

"You learn a lot with the kids and the parents. I think it’s the progress that you see, it’s people of all ages, seeing how fast they learn how to swim. Sometimes it takes time but it’s the commitment and the connection that you have, that’s what I really love most about the work."

If you’re looking to make a splash as a swim teacher in local communities across Victoria, apply now!