We’re supporting the Werribee vegetable grower in a fresh approach to inclusive employment

Sheh smiles while holding a broccoli in each hand

For most staff at Fresh Select, English is their second language. Many are humanitarian migrants from Myanmar starting new lives in Australia.

Wyndham Community and Education Centre, a Jobs Victoria partner, supports Fresh Select in their recruitment. Together, they’re finding innovative ways to help staff understand their roles.

Using hand signals and colour coding assists communication around the pack house. Inviting bilingual workers into staff meetings and producing in-language documents helps employees gain confidence. Fresh Select also provides English language classes onsite during work hours.

As a result, employees like Sheh Paw, originally from Myanmar, have stayed at Fresh Select for years. She enjoys working in a supportive environment, and a sustainable income has meant she could buy a house.

“It makes me happy because the work here is everyone helping each other, and also the employers support me all the time.”

Elisa Walerys, Fresh Select Chief Human Resources Officer, says the recruitment support from Jobs Victoria is highly valued. “We couldn’t do it without the Wyndham Community and Education Centre.”