Our employment support is getting this coffee roaster in Melbourne’s north the staff it needs.

Bean Alliance employees smile in the office

Bean Alliance was facing staff shortages, so it got involved in our manufacturing jobs initiative.

We’re recruiting 150 new manufacturing workers in the city’s north with our partner NORTH Link. People who want work in the industry can get on the job training and free mentoring.

We supported Bean Alliance by screening applicants with our partner NORTH Link and matching the company’s needs with jobseeker interests.

The result?

Two locals, Christine and Charlotte, are now working for the ethical coffee roaster. Christine has a job that suits her lifestyle, and Charlotte’s now getting the real world experience her resume needed. Both are learning new skills and discovering rewarding careers in the coffee industry.

Susan Castle of Bean Alliance is thrilled with the outcome.

"The people we’ve been introduced to are people that we probably wouldn’t have met before through a traditional way of recruiting."

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