Work readiness support and guidance is supporting people exiting the justice system to build a new life

Lan, Johnny and Amrick smile in the warehouse

Jobs Victoria Mentor Lan met Johnny in Dhurringile Prison last year. Johnny told him about his desire to embrace a new future and be a role model for his children. But he faced a lot of uncertainty about his employment prospects.

Lan supported Johnny to get back into the workforce - developing his resume, building his skills and providing necessary work equipment like PPE. He connected him with Amrick, an employer willing to give people in similar circumstances a chance.

Amrick, through its Second Chance Labour program, is very supportive of employing people exiting the justice system, who currently make up about 40 per cent of its workforce.

Workforce Manager Nick understands the challenges faced by people leaving prison.

Nick says, “It’s working pretty well with us, and some great guys have come through. It’s good to see them do well and excel in the workforce.”

Lan checks in with Johnny and his employer weekly to make sure things continue to go well.

It’s been a game-changer for Johnny. He is enjoying his work and able to support his family financially.

“Time allowed me to reflect on myself a lot,” says Johnny. “Making better judgment and choices. I’m much, much healthier and living life now.”

“Everyone is doing their bit to help others. It’s been terrific. And I would say once you open it, you find another door and another door. I look at life differently than before.”