An innovative program is training swim teachers and engaging with the community for a lifelong love of swimming.

Participants smile in front of the swimming pool

Developed by Jobs Victoria Aboriginal Advocate Lisa Forbes and Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia, this program is training swim teachers with a cultural style of learning and a community focus.

Participants learn practical skills in the water and theory online. That’s followed by a First Aid course run by Deadly Sports and teacher training hours in local swim centres. They then go on to jobs teaching children or coaching swimmers.

For Letisha, who had applied for over 60 jobs, this is a wonderful opportunity to combine her love of sports with paid work. She is also excited about teaching her own children how to swim.

Participants are loving learning together and it’s helping to fill Victorian pools with more swim teachers that represent our diverse communities.

From Horsham to Coburg, the demand is growing. “I’ve gone from ‘First Nations and Mob’ for the first course. ‘First Nations and Allies’ the second course,” says Lisa. “It’s great for community.”