Despite excellent work experience gained in India and degrees in Law and Commerce, Iffath found it very difficult to find a job when she arrived in Australia in 2017.

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After searching for employment for more than six months and applying for positions every single day, Iffath sought assistance from Jobs Victoria Partner Australian Multicultural Community Services.

Iffath working at Global Business College of Australia

Iffath working at Global Business College of Australia

Iffath completed comprehensive training, coaching and case management for jobseekers. She learned more about the jobs market in Australia, revised her resume and learned useful interview techniques. She gained newfound confidence and hope.

Only a month after connecting with Jobs Victoria, Iffath was successful in the role of Higher Education Coordinator and Global Business College of Australia. And she hasn’t looked back.

“It was worth the wait, the patience and energy I had to put in to wake up every morning and go and apply for jobs.”

“I feel like I’m in really good place now. My life is now moving in the direction I envisioned when I was first moving here.”

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