Deborah Uwimbabazi arrived in Australia from The Congo in 2016. She found the process of looking for work here stressful; she had little in the way of networks or connections, and no Australian work experience. She volunteered in different organisations to gain local experience and kept applying for jobs.

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Deborah Uwimbabazi and Melanie Smith working at ANZ

Deborah Uwimbabazi and Melanie Smith working at ANZ

After job-hunting for two years Deborah was feeling quite discouraged and sought help from Jobs Victoria Partner the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

“They helped me with my resume and interview skills and after getting a job I continued to get support from them. They made sure that I am treated well at workplace.”

ANZ works with the Brotherhood of St Laurence and Jobs Victoria to hire diverse jobseekers, regardless of their experience in the banking sector. ANZ was impressed by Deborah’s energy in the interview and she was successful in gaining a customer service role. She undertook training and felt challenged but incredibly supported as she learned on-the-job. She is now a permanent employee at ANZ.

“Things can turn around in a minute. Believe in yourself and don’t hesitate to ask, because that’s how you get these opportunities.”

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