Seven months after starting a new role with Mambourin, Samuel Egger believes he’s in the best place he can possibly be.

A photo of Samuel at work - wearing his high visibility jumper raking leaves on a lawn.

Samuel Egger at work gardening with Mambourin.

The 20-year-old from Hoppers Crossing joined the organisation’s garden crew this year, working out of Werribee or Sunshine depending on requirements.

Samuel had previously worked at another organisation dismantling e-waste for recycling but lost his job when the company lost business during the pandemic. With support from Jobs Victoria Partner Jesuit Social Services, he quickly secured a new role.

Now he works from 8am to 3.30pm on landscape gardening and maintenance across Melbourne. He spends his time mowing, brush cutting and weeding for residential and commercial clients.

“I have had a lot of jobs that hadn’t worked out and it wasn’t a great feeling, to be honest,” Samuel says. “I’ve got ADHD and Asperger’s and sometimes have trouble, mainly because people just don’t know how to get along with me, they don’t understand my disability.”

Jobs Victoria helps Victorian jobseekers navigate their way back to work, mapping the course to employment. It provides jobseekers with the advice, information and support they need, whether it is a simple referral or a more detailed plan of action.

Since joining the program, Samuel has completed an Electrical Spotters Certificate and has been assisted by an employment coach to find and maintain work. He has been supported in his role with Mambourin’s gardening crew, most of whom also live with disabilities.

“They have helped me a lot by supporting me all the way,” he says. “I was very nervous at first because I have been let down so many times. Now I’ve been given a lot more responsibility. I get to drive vehicles and I get to use all the equipment. This job has given me a greater opportunity to show what I can do.”

As well as enjoying the work, Samuel says the new role has helped him lose weight and improve his physical fitness. He’s also made many new friends.

But the best part of the job is the chance he has to also give something back while working with a company that supports people with disabilities.

“It’s probably just getting to know people and knowing that I can support other people that have disabilities,” he says.

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