Luus Industries is a commercial cooking manufacturer based in Sunshine. When recruiting for his team, CEO Ao Luu explains that attitude is the most important factor, as skills can be taught.

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Luus Industries has been working with Jobs Victoria Partner WCIG to recruit several local Jobs Victoria participants.

Huy Quang Phan working as a folding press operator at Luus Industries

Huy Quang Phan working as a folding press operator at Luus Industries

Ao Luu says Jobs Victoria and WCIG “have paid a lot of attention to exactly who we are as a business, understand what we want, and show that support through the quality of candidates they put forward to us.”

Jobs Victoria Mentor Jasmine Chung established a positive relationship with Luus Industries over two years. She always referred jobseekers with a good work ethic and the right cultural fit and highlighted the transferable skills of local jobseekers who could be trained in a range of roles. Many of these were workers from the local community who had been made reductant from the auto industry. The workplace has a positive multicultural environment and both Luus Industries and the participants are happy with the way the relationship is working.

Ao Luu says: “We can see us using them a lot more because of this success rate we’ve had.”

Currently Luus Industries employs five Jobs Victoria participants. Luus is a great example of how an employer is working with its local Jobs Victoria Partner to recruit local workers.

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