There came a point in Krystal Palmer’s life when she feared she’d be unemployed forever.

Krystal standing in a garden wearing a black jacket and magenta shirt.

Krystal Palmer secured a traineeship that landed her a place at John Holland.

As a 30-year-old, Aboriginal single mother of three, who has overcome addiction and made mistakes in her past, Krystal had faced an endless stream of rejections.

But that all came to an end this year when she connected with Jobs Victoria Partner Brotherhood of St Laurence. Krystal secured a traineeship with BSL’s Given the Chance Group Training Organisation and was placed with engineering and construction company John Holland. As part of the role she is completing her Cert III in Business Administration.

Jobs Victoria and BSL helped Krystal update her resume, provided clothes and tips to prepare for her interview and a week’s worth of office wear to help her start work. They also recommended her for the job.

“I’d applied for hundreds of jobs and was knocked back so much,” Krystal says. “Even though I had the experience – I’d finished high school, I’d worked in sales, I’d worked in marketing – that history got me. We all make mistakes, but it doesn’t make the person we are.”

Krystal loves everything about her new role, but especially the hope it has given her family.

“It’s not only a constant regular income,” she says.

“Before this job I had no hope for having a career, no hope of being able to get even slightly above the poverty line. Now I’m working towards something. At the end of this I’ll have certificates and I’ll have experience. It’s given me and my children something to look forward to.”

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