For many years Tracee was unable to work due to her epilepsy. Once she was ready to join the workforce, she lacked confidence and found it very difficult to get a foot in the door.

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Tracee Richards working at T&J's Canteen at Australian Meat Group

Tracee Richards working at T&J's Canteen at Australian Meat Group

After six months of job-hunting Tracee registered with Jobs Victoria Partner FGM Consultants, based in Dandenong. Tracee was keen to work as a cook or kitchen hand. FGM Consultants and Jobs Victoria supported her to get job-ready by coordinating food handling certificates, training her in interview skills and providing her with clothes and fuel vouchers for interviews.

Very soon Tracee was supported into a role in the staff canteen at the Australian Meat Group (AMG) in Dandenong North. AMG employs around 500 people and the canteen is a busy independent business that provides great quality meals to the AMG staff from 5am each day.

Tracee started as a casual and proved herself indispensable very quickly. A year later she was given an incredible opportunity: to purchase the business herself. Tracee and her husband now own and run T & J’s Canteen. Tracee’s journey from long-term unemployment to independent business owner is truly inspirational.

“I always thought I would never get a job. Who would employ me?” says Tracee.

“Jobs Victoria helped me to see that I could work in the workforce.”

“You can do whatever you want to do in life, you’ve just got to make it happen.”

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