Struggling with anxiety after being out of work for two years, Meg needed support and confidence-building to get a break. She found that with Jobs Victoria and The Bridge, and after an opportunity to get her foot in the door of the Burgerlove café, she is now running the store.

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Meg was looking for work for two years, becoming frustrated because she was told she was over-qualified for many positions despite being motivated and willing to “start at the bottom”. She struggled with anxiety in interviews and felt like she would never be able to prove herself to an employer. With a young son to care for, Meg reached out for support.

Meg with Burgerlove Director Steve Agi in the Prahran café.

Meg in the Prahran café with Burgerlove Director Steve Agi.

Meg found that support with Jobs Victoria Partner The Bridge, who helped Meg  with job interview techniques, confidence building and ongoing support. The Bridge is empowering Meg and other young people to find their confidence and build their careers.

The Bridge sent Meg to an interview with Steve Agi at Burgerlove, a family-owned series of cafés with real community spirit. Steve saw Meg’s potential and hired her.

Meg has since begun to manage one of the Burgerlove cafes. She is loving her job and has a renewed sense of purpose and responsibility.

Meg offers this advice to anyone out there struggling to find their opportunity: “Just keep applying, someone will see your potential and give you a shot.”

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