Liban Mohamud arrived in Australia in 2012 from Somalia at the age of 17. After studying English, he found it very challenging to find employment.

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Liban Mohamud working at Tradelink

Liban Mohamud working at Tradelink

Liban had very limited work experience and, having only completed Year 10, he lacked formal qualifications. He had only very basic computer skills and a lack of local networks. He undertook training to obtain a forklift licence and white card, but with no experience it was hard to get a foot in the door.

Facing all these barriers, Liban was at risk of long-term unemployment. At 24 he connected with Jobs Victoria Partner NORTH Link, who built his confidence, provided him with interview training and referred him for a traineeship through WPC Group, a not-for-profit group training organisation.

Louise Bastow from WPC Group: “We could tell straightaway that he had all the qualities of a successful trainee. He had the right attitude. He was keen and motivated.”

With the support of NORTH Link and WPC, Liban applied for a business traineeship with Tradelink and was successful. His role includes customer service, warehousing and retail.

Liban is happy and thriving in his traineeship, soaking up knowledge and continuing to impress with his positive attitude.

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