Outlook Environmental is a wholly owned social enterprise of Outlook, a leading provider of disability support and employment services in Victoria.

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Operating since for more than 20 years, Outlook Environmental is one of the largest social enterprises in Victoria, specialising in the provision of waste management, e-waste processing and labour hire services to a large range of commercial and government clients.

Babiker Babiker pulling material out of the back of a utility trailer

Babiker Babiker working at Outlook Environmental

Outlook Environmental’s workforce of around 130 comprises 40% people with disability, with over 70% identifying from a priority employment group including refugees and asylum seekers and the long-term unemployed.

The organisation is growing at a rapid rate and which means recruitment is a priority.

Paul Stevens, Head of Commercial Operations for Outlook Environmental, says:

“What we do as an organisation is a true triple bottom line. We need divisions of the government like Jobs Victoria to get behind us to really catapult us as a social enterprise in the space we’re doing, because it’s quite unique.”

Outlook Environmental has employed more than 20 Jobs Victoria Participants, predominantly working with Jobs Victoria Partner Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Babiker came to Australia in 2013 from war-torn Sudan and struggled to find regular work. He connected with Jobs Victoria through the Brotherhood of St Laurence and was very happy to secure a role with Outlook Envinronental.

Babiker says: “My aim is to improve my prospects. I would like to get this experience to be loader driver here.”

Paul Stevens reports he has no trouble with staff retention.

“It’s just actually getting the right people who enjoy the work, the culture, and the relationship we build, and the community focus we have, and that is facilitated through divisions like Jobs Victoria.”

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