Jobs Victoria is partnering with Beon Energy Solutions to deliver its new Beon Energy 112 MW Karadoc Solar Farm, located 35 kilometres south of Mildura. The project will see the construction of 350,000 solar panels on the 10-kilometre site.

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Jobs Victoria Partner Mildura Rural City Council has referred more than 40 of the project’s 300-strong workforce. The new employees are taking full advantage of the opportunity, with more than ten participants undertaking new vocational skills training to set themselves up for the next project.

Brandon Williams working at the Karadoc Solar Farm/>

Brandon Williams working at the Karadoc Solar Farm

Justin Coburn, Community and Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Beon, says the partnership with Jobs Victoria has had several benefits.

“We’ve been able to fulfil not only our requirements on the farm, but also our own social responsibility to give back to the community. It’s been a fantastic partnership.”

Brandon Williams has been employed through Jobs Victoria as a Trades Assistant on the project. After being out of work for some time, he struggled initially with the early mornings and long days, but has had a ‘magnificent turnaround’ and is now thriving in the role and undertaking an electrical apprenticeship.

The solar farm will lead to significant short-term and ongoing regional development opportunities while contributing to achieve Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET). The RET is a legislated target designed to ensure Australia uses more renewable energy and, in the process, reduces its emissions.

Once operational, the Karadoc Solar Farm will produce 112 MW of power, which can provide electricity to power over 110,000 homes.

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