When Ahmad left Afghanistan to seek refuge in Australia, he also left behind his job as a business development manager.

Ahmad at Complete Rubber

But as a refugee, finding work in Victoria wasn’t easy.

“I lost a few of the jobs at the beginning. I kept sending similar CV to different jobs with different requirements.”

So, he reached out to a Jobs Victoria Mentor who worked with him, getting his resume right for the local job market and giving him tips on interview techniques.

Now Ahmad has a full time job in sales. And he’s loving it.

"Working at Complete Rubber as an Internal Sales Member. Luckily I have a very good team. They are supporting me. This new opportunity, step by step, I managed to get a good job."

Jobs Victoria Mentors provide free assistance for people facing barriers to employment to get them work-ready, find a job that suits them, and support them in their role for the first six months.

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