Paris Pritchard, Jobs Victoria YES trainee.

There are programs providing young people with experience in working in the government, health and community services.

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Youth Employment Scheme (YES)

The Youth Employment Scheme (YES) provides young people aged 15 to 29 with an opportunity to work in the Victorian Public Service for 12 months while completing accredited training.

How does YES work?

The program:

  • offers 12-month entry-level traineeship positions in the Victorian Public Service
  • provides accredited training
  • helps young people to gain paid work experience, qualifications and training that lead to sustainable employment.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for YES, participants must be:

  • aged 15 to 29 years at the commencement of the traineeship
  • unemployed or not working more than 15 hours per week (you do not have to be registered with a jobactive provider or receiving assistance from Centrelink)
  • not currently undertaking tertiary education
  • without a post-school qualification (excluding Certificate level I–IV courses).

The program has a focus on addressing barriers to employment. Priority is given to young people who:

  • have left school without completing Year 12 or, in the case of Australian School-based Traineeships, are at risk of leaving school early
  • are from culturally diverse backgrounds
  • are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • are at risk of homelessness
  • are young offenders
  • have a disability
  • live in social housing.

How do you apply?

Applications for YES are made through Group Training Organisations (GTOs). If you are interested in applying you can contact Jobs Victoria or a GTO listed below.

Group training organisation

Contact email and phone

AFL Sportsready

Paul Broderick - (03) 8532 7200

Brent Caryle - (03) 8413 3514

AGA Apprenticeships Plus

Gino Tota - 0407 793 351

Adrian O'Brien - 0401 992 232

Narelle Edwards - (03) 5333 8600

Ai Group Apprentice & Trainee Centre

David Tate - (03) 9867 0139

Daniel Dickson - (03) 9867 0159

Brotherhood of Saint Laurence

Jo Tabith - 0448 332 023

GForce Employment Solutions

Tracey Fulmer

Louise Goodwin - 0409 431 854

Kestrel Rrecruitment

Paul Ingwersen - 1300 337 870

MEGT Australia

Sally Taufer - 0417 736 754

Rene Lewis - 0403 824 590

NECA Educations & Careers

Stacey Fedden - 0488 665 600

Suzie Smith - 0418 513 572

Next Gen Jobs / WPC Group

Tim Owens - 0402 648 906

Evan Henry - 0412 363 328

Louise Bastow - 0499 909 342


Matthew Muller - 0407 223 566

The Apprenticeship Factory

Paula Ryan - (03) 5822 4555

Westvic Staffing Solutions

Wayne Robertson - (03) 5561 9000

Brendan Hawkins - (03) 5561 9000

How do Victorian Public Service hiring managers get involved?

Hiring managers in all Victorian Public Service departments and agencies can create YES trainee positions by getting in contact with their organisation's YES Coordinator or the Jobs Victoria team.

Youth Employment Scheme (YES) Disability Stream

The YES Disability Stream provides sustainable employment for young people with disability. It also creates a more diverse and inclusive Victorian public sector and a stronger, more innovative workforce.

Who is eligible?

We are looking for motivated young people with a disability who:

  • are aged between 17-29 years at the start of the traineeship
  • are unemployed or not working more than 15 hours per week – preference will be given to those who have been unemployed for six months or more
  • are not currently studying tertiary education and do not have a post-school qualification (excluding Certificate I – IV courses)
  • identify as having a disability that is permanent and unlikely to change
  • have experienced challenges in securing sustainable employment.

Reasonable workplace adjustments will be made to ensure each YES Disability Stream participant can succeed in their new workplace.

How do you apply?

  1. Register with a Group Training Organisation (GTO) and ask them for an Expression of Interest (EOI) form. A list of participating GTOs is below.
  2. Complete the EOI form with your GTO. We want to learn all about you and what you can bring to the VPS. Think about information that would be useful for us to know and your transferable skills that would be of value.
  3. The GTO will send your completed EOI form and CV to Jobs Victoria on your behalf at the required time.

Group training organisation

Contact email and phone

Area serviced

AGA Apprenticeships Plus
301 Foleys Road
Deer Park VIC 3023

For a full list of locations, please visit

Adrian O'Brien - 1300 000 242

Melbourne Metro 
Regional Victoria

Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre
2/441 St Kilda Road
Melbourne VIC 3004

Bec Tindal - 0400 954 129

Daniel Dickson

Melbourne Metro
Regional Victoria

BGT Jobs and Training
Barkly Square
25-39 Barkly Street
Ballarat VIC 3350

Anita Godfrey

Narelle Edwards

(03) 5333 8600
Greater Ballarat Region

GForce Employment Solutions
Cnr Gheringhap & McKillop Streets
Geelong VIC 3220

For a full list of locations, please visit

Tracey Fulmer - 1800 436 723

Geelong Region

290 Thomas Street
Dandenong VIC 3175

For a full list of locations, please visit

Matthew Muller - 1300 135 008

North and West Region

NextGen Jobs
9/651 Victoria Street
Abbotsford VIC 3067

Tim Owens

Melbourne Metro
Regional Victoria

NECA Education & Careers
1024 Lygon Street
Carlton North VIC 3054

Suzie Smith - 0418 513 572

Nick Feretis - 0488 346 188

Adisa Husanovic - 0400 512 041

Melbourne Metro
Regional Victoria

Youth Employment Program

The Youth Employment Program offers 6–12 month roles in Victorian Government departments and agencies.


  • undertake a short training course in public sector administration
  • receive job-preparation, mentoring and post-placement support.

Who is eligible?

The Youth Employment Program is open to Victorians who are:

  • aged between 17 and 29 years at the time of application
  • unemployed
  • eligible to be employed by the Victorian Government.

How do you apply?

Opportunities are listed through the Jobs Victoria online hub.

Register for the Jobs Victoria online hub.