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  1. Iffath's story video transcript

    28 Feb 2022: Iffath's story video transcript. Iffath Afroze - Higher Education Co-ordinator, Global Business College. ... Looking for staff? We can help. Visit jobs.vic.gov.au for information and support].


  2. Work With Me Episode 3: Shine video transcript

    28 Feb 2022: Our business operates 24/7. Our harvest crews kick off really early in the morning here. ... And when he first kicked off in the business he was reasonably shy.


  3. A life-changing journey from jobseeker to business owner video…

    28 Feb 2022: And then it just turned into have you ever thought about owning your own business? ... Looking for work? We can help. Visit jobs.vic.gov.au for information and support].


  4. Jobs Victoria Mentor cooks up the answers to help Victorians back to…

    14 Feb 2022: Jobs Victoria Mentor, Matt Murphy, is helping Victorians get back to work.


  5. Total Window Concepts video transcript

    28 Feb 2022: Mary Campbell - Owner, Total Window Concepts. My husband Greg started this business 20 years ago. ... It started off as a small business of 19 people, one factory, two products.


  6. Meg Keamy video transcript

    28 Feb 2022: Vision: Meg working]. So she’s one of our senior staff across the whole business. ... Looking for work? We can help. Visit jobs.vic.gov.au for information and support].


  7. Work With Me Episode 2: Wisdom video transcript

    28 Feb 2022: That was a great support to guy like him that was struggling with his cashflow situation at the time. ... He wants to develop himself and he wants the business to go forward at the same time.


  8. A community focussed employer achieving social, financial and…

    28 Feb 2022: Outlook Environmental is one of the largest social enterprises in Victoria, operating for more than 20 years.


  9. Street artist Kaff-eine creates art for heart’s sake in Melbourne's…

    28 Feb 2022: Melbourne street artist Kaff-eine joins more than 150 creatives – designers, music producers, light specialists, technicians and more – being recruited by the City of Melbourne to revive city lanes.


  10. A positive partnership helps this employer recruit local workers with …

    28 Feb 2022: show that support through the quality of candidates they put forward to us. ... Looking for staff? We can help. Visit jobs.vic.gov.au for information and support].


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