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  1. Bilingual health educator at the Multicultural Centre for Women’s…

    14 Feb 2022: Rachel is spreading the word thanks to Jobs Victoria finding her a job as a bilingual health educator


  2. Fresh Select speaks their employees’ language

    30 Mar 2023: We’re supporting the Werribee vegetable grower in a fresh approach to inclusive employment.


  3. New job changes Ahmad’s life for the better

    1 Jul 2022: When Ahmad left Afghanistan to seek refuge in Australia, he also left behind his job as a business development manager.


  4. Recruits connect with culture at Shepparton’s Aboriginal arts centre

    14 Feb 2022: Kaiela Arts in Shepparton celebrates the rich culture and creative expression of Australia’s South Eastern Aboriginal people. And with support from Jobs Victoria, they hired three young Aborigin


  5. A positive partnership helps this employer recruit local workers with …

    28 Feb 2022: Luus Industries is a commercial cooking manufacturer based in Sunshine. When recruiting for his team, CEO Ao Luu believes attitude is the most important factor.


  6. A second bite of the employment apple

    14 Feb 2022: Redundancy came as a devastating blow to Nick, who was laid off as part of a business restructure designed to weather the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19).


  7. Blending employer and jobseeker needs for the perfect brew

    15 Feb 2023: Our employment support is getting this coffee roaster in Melbourne’s north the staff it needs.


  8. Michelle has landed a full-time job and is thriving

    27 Apr 2023: Michelle had great potential but needed some support from Jobs Victoria Mentor Ruth to build her confidence


  9. Mural brightens Melbourne CBD and boosts city business

    14 Feb 2022: A new mural in Melbourne's CBD creates more than 155 jobs.


  10. Verena's Colombian street food has made her a foodie legend with the…

    29 Aug 2022: Verena's Colombian street food has made her a foodie legend with the locals


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