The time after leaving high school can be a challenge – employers want experience before they will give you a job, and you can’t get experience without a job. The Jobs Victoria Youth Cadetship Scheme aims to change that for young people interested in a career in the public sector. At Regional Development Victoria, Stephanie Maloney is making the most of this opportunity.

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In her home town of Ballarat Stephanie Maloney is loving the challenge and opportunity to learn and to find her niche as a Jobs Victoria Youth Cadet.

As part of her cadetship, Stephanie must complete a project to improve her workplace. She has chosen to make her project about raising awareness and support for the Youth Cadetship Scheme, encouraging young people to take up the opportunity and enter government.

Stephanie at work with Alison Williams in the Regional Development Victoria Ballarat office.

Stephanie at work with Alison Williams in the Regional Development Victoria Ballarat office.

Stephanie found that when she left school, she was being overlooked for full time work in favour of more qualified applicants. Despite her passion and energy, she felt defeated and found it hard to make ends meet in Melbourne. She applied for the Youth Employment Scheme (YES) traineeship and after completing that, found a placement in Ballarat to complete a Youth Cadetship.

The Jobs Victoria Youth Cadetship Scheme was launched in 2017 and will run until 2020, offering 135 young Victorians two-year cadetships in the Victorian public sector.  Young people who have completed the one-year YES traineeship can progress on to the Youth Cadetship Scheme, working in Victorian government departments and agencies and studying for a Certificate IV in Government.

Stephanie is passionate about young people stepping up and making change.

“You are the only one who can make your life better,” she says. “Life doesn’t owe you anything and you need to work hard, but the rewards for working hard are endless.”

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