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Najmo Ali Abdinasir, 25 - Personal Care Assistant, Australian Unity, Rathdowne Place

Hi, my name is Najmo.  I'm from Somalia.  I'm working at Australian Unity, Rathdowne Place after completing the Jobs Victoria Employment program.

[Vision:  Najmo making bed]

Maninda Kaur, 31 - Personal Care Assistant, Australian Unity, Rathdowne Place

My name is Maninda and I'm from India.  I'm working here at Australian Unity, Rathdowne Place, Carlton.

[Vision:  Making tea - Najmo speaking - making bed]

It's involved looking after the residents, doing like daily routine showering, feeding.

[Najmo speaking - Maninda speaking with resident]

First I did aged care course and I finished my certificate.

[Maninda speaking]

I did my course New Future Training.

[Najmo speaking]

It was very hard for me to find a job because every facility I went to, like I applied - applied jobs they were asking me like if I have experience, two years minimum.  Even after I finish my certificate I couldn't get a job for three years.

[Maninda speaking]

[Vision:  Najmo and Maninda talking to each other

I go to my school and talk with my manager, and then my manager told me about Achievement Program.

[Vision:  Najmo making bed]

I did training for like five days.

[Najmo speaking]

That program really helped me.

[Vision:  Maninda speaking with resident]

And then senior care partner arranged my interview and then I got my job.

[Najmo speaking]

So they say they will accept you, you can work with us.

[Vision:  Maninda speaking with resident]

I was very happy.

[Maninda speaking]

I am very satisfied with my job I'm doing here.

[Najmo speaking - Najmo making bed]

It's good not to give up, work hard and keep going.

[Maninda speaking - Maninda speaking with resident]

To students, to my friends I really suggest that program, Achievement Program and they get job.  Yeah.  After me.

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