Najmo and Maninder are committed and passionate young women keen to work in aged care. However, as they had both recently immigrated to Australia and didn't have long-term work experience here, they found it difficult to find a job. Jobs Victoria Partner VICSEG enabled Najmo and Maninder to gain qualifications and experience through their New Futures program. They are now working in their chosen careers and encourage others in their position to seek help, work hard, and not give up.

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Najmo Ali Abdinasir arrived in Australia five years ago from Somalia. Maninder Kaur moved here from India four years ago. Najmo and Maninder were looking for work in the aged care industry for a long time without success. Despite their commitment and passion for the work, their lack of local work experience meant they were not given the opportunity to start.

Najmo Ali Abdinasir, with a resident at Rathdowne Place

Najmo Ali Abdinasir, with a resident at Rathdowne Place

Maninder and Najmo joined Jobs Victoria and VICSEG's New Futures program, which enabled them to gain qualifications and placed them in volunteer positions at Australia Unity's Rathdowne Place aged care facility. Both women have since been offered jobs at Rathdowne Place. Najmo and Maninder have worked hard to study and improve their skills to get their jobs. They are passionate about the care they are able to provide at Rathdowne Place. 

VICSEG New Futures is a not-for-profit community organisation incorporating the Victorian Cooperative on Children's Services for Ethnic Groups (VICSEG Programs for Families, Children & Young People) and New Futures Training. Together, they provide support and training to newly arrived and recently settled migrant communities, refugees and asylum seekers. New Futures Training is the registered training organisation of VICSEG New Futures. For over 10 years it has provided innovative and responsive training courses from Child Care and Aged Care to short courses on First Aid and Basic Food Safety Practices.

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