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ADCO – Ahmed Elmahmoud and Tiffany Lucas

[Vision – Onscreen Text: Construction of the new South Melbourne Primary School]

[Vision – Onscreen Text: The Major Projects Skills Guarantee: at least 10 per cent of the labour on major projects will be completed by apprentices, trainees and cadets]

David James - Senior Site Manager, ADCO

[Vision: Inside construction building - David James talking with staff - David James speaking]

The Major Projects Guarantee helps us to actually have more trainees onsite which is a good thing because we are going to need these young people to come and do what we do in 10-15 years’ time.

[Vision: David James instructing staff]

Ahmed Elmahmoud - Contracts Administrator, ADCO

I work for ADCO as a Junior Contracts Administrator.

Tiffany Lucas - Assistant Contracts Administrator, ADCO

My main role is assisting the Senior Contracts Administrator.

[Vision: Ahmed Elmahmoud speaking]

Yeah. I really enjoy it.

[Vision: David James instructing staff]

It puts you into like challenging scenario situations.

[Vision: Tiffany Lucas speaking]

I never thought that I would thrive on it so much.

[Vision: Ahmed Elmahmoud speaking - David James instructing Ahmed and Tiffany]

As soon as I finished my university degree I put a lot more effort into applying for graduate roles, but they say to you that, you know, sorry you lack the experience.

[Vision: Ahmed Elmahmoud speaking]

And then it kind of makes me question, how am I supposed to gain the experience if not given the opportunity to develop.

[Vision: Ahmed and Tiffany on construction site - Tiffany Lucas speaking]

Most people at my age that are trying to work in construction, they do need to go to a company that they probably wouldn’t choose to work for, and take a level that they’re not really happy with and start out that way.  You don’t have to do it that way anymore.  It’s giving you another avenue.

[Vision: Ahmed Elmahmoud speaking]

I came across ADCO; they were looking for some graduates at the time.

[Vision: Ahmed Elmahmoud at plan table and working on plans]

Well, they give the opportunities for cadets to break into the industry and develop.

[Vision: Tiffany Lucas speaking - Staff on construction site - Tiffany Lucas speaking - staff on construction site]

It’s through these programs like the Major Skills Project where they can actually offer those traineeships, because not only do they want to train their staff up, but for a lot of projects it’s a requirement as well, which is just really good for young people to be able to get those opportunities.

[Vision – Onscreen Text: Since January 2016 this guarantee has created more than 1,500 opportunities on major projects]

[Vision: Ahmed Elmahmoud speaking - Ahmed at plan table working - Ahmed Elmahmoud speaking]

If all companies are employing 10 per cent, that’s a major part of your community employing start-up break-ins to the industry, and that’s giving so many people the opportunity to develop and it will cause the community as a whole to kind of develop together.

[Vision:  Construction site - Visit for more information on the Major Projects Skills Guarantee]

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