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Paris Pritchard, 21 - Environment and Facilities Officer, DEDJTR

Hi, my name is Paris Pritchard.  I'm 21 years old.  I'm working at the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources.  I am currently completing a Certificate IV in Business and the Youth Traineeship Scheme with Jobs Victoria.

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So I am currently an Environment and Facilities Officer.  Our group facilitates for all the department buildings.

[Paris speaking]

We keep the up-keeping of the building so the electricity, lighting and plumbing.  

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I moved from New Zealand, so it was hard to come here and then straightaway going to appointments.  Having this program to study and work at the same time was really brilliant, especially for myself.  The Youth Cadetship Scheme is what I'll be going onto after this and it goes for two years.

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It's mainly for young people finding it hard to find employment, so it's a good pathway.

[Paris speaking]

I'm Polynesian.  I don't see much Polynesian people in the Victorian Government.

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Even though I'm only a trainee and I'm going into a cadetship I am, like, very grateful and I feel honoured.

[Paris speaking]

I think it's really hard now at our age to try and find jobs.  If you work really hard, and if you do good in your job, and complete your studies on time, like, there's always opportunities for you to have a career.

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