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Pana Barbounis - Founder, Pana Chocolate

[Vision: Pana Chocolate sign - various chocolates - bars being made]

Welcome to our home. I am Pana Barbounis the founder of Pana Chocolate. We make all

our chocolate bars here.

[Pana Barbounis speaking - Staff working making boxes]

What finds us here today is a collaboration, a joint working with the CVGT at the Jobs

Victoria, in introducing individuals with the workplace with Pana Chocolate.

Louis Nottle - Operations Manager, Pana Chocolates

[Vision: Pana and Louis working side by side - Louis Nottle speaking]

We were introduced to the Second Chance Program. That was a real good opportunity to

help give people in the community that quite often are overlooked, through whatever

reasons that they've fallen on a bit of hard times. And so we were able to partner with


[Vision: Pana Barbounis stirring chocolate - talking with staff]

It's actually a great resource. Screening and finding the right candidates and narrowing it


[Pana Barbounis speaking]

You know, initially we might all think that it actually adds layers of work. It actually

reduces some of the work.

[Vision: Staff working]

And they are able to screen a whole heap of people.

[Louis Nottle speaking]

And then we actually got onto an individual that is still working with us now, who has just

fitted in really well with our business.

[Vision: Wrapping chocolate bars]

He comes early every day. He's really interested in what we're doing. And through his

involvement our business has improved.

[Louis Nottle speaking]

We've taken on someone who is contributing to us as much as we're contributing to them,

and I think that's been the benefit of the Second Chance Program, is that it's a two-way

process. It's been a meaningful job for them, and they've been a meaningful person for

us as a business.

[Vision: Pana Barbounis opening chocolate bar and eating - Pana Barbounis speaking]

You know, and what's exciting about all this, is that we're a Victorian business and be

able to work with a Victorian Government body, but we're also a business that's quite

handmade and unique with what we do. And that's how we want to keep it.

[Vision: Pana Barbounis holding up chocolate bars]

So we'll be able to offer lots of jobs and I look forward to working together with the

program and just many more through the program.

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[Jobs Victoria / Working for all Victorians]

[Victoria State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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