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Thomas Butterworth, 44 - Gardening/Maintenance, Torrumbarry Weir

My name is Thomas Butterworth.  I work here currently at the Torrumbarry Weir and it's changed my life around a lot doing what I'm doing now and studying.

[Vision:  Thomas walking across weir]

I work here two days a week which is Thursdays and Fridays.

[Vision:  Thomas gardening]

The work I do here is garden maintenance, look after the land.

[Vision:  Thomas checking fish]

The fish ladder, count the fish off, what species are coming through, and the native fish, all the good stuff gets all put back.

[Thomas speaking]

I was out of work for quite a while.  I wanted to change my life and do something.

[Vision:  Thomas looking over weir]

The Certificate in Rural Operations Cert III is through Qualified.

[Vision:  Thomas walking]

I was referred to a case manager through V-Works which is in Echuca there.

[Thomas speaking]

Then started to get me, how can I say, my work history back in order.  Before this I wasn't really working or anything like that.  Now everything's sort of changing for me in a way, it's really good.

[Vision:  Thomas pruning]

In my younger years, like I'm 44, and I've done a lot of factory work, labouring.  For me being outdoors working it's a lot better.

[Thomas speaking]

Love being outdoors, love being with nature.  You can't just give up you've got to go, keep going.

[Vision:  Thomas walking around weir - Thomas speaking]

And I kept myself busy, and I kept myself motivated, Qualified has always supported me and I appreciate their help and everything what they're doing for me, and same with V-Works.

[Vision:  Thomas standing on weir]

It's just changed a lot in me, yeah, it has.

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