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Caption: Heath Dukeson - AWM Electrical & Data Suppliers

I’m Heath. I work at AWM Electrical, West Melbourne.  I got this job with help from Whitelion.

[Vision: AWM Electrical sign]

Caption: Sharon Portoglou - AWM Electrical & Data Suppliers

[Vision: Sharon talking to Heath - Heath working]

Us, as a company, AWM have worked with Whitelion and Jobs Victoria to employ Heath to try and give him a bit of a future learning with the electrical products.

[Vision: Heath speaking]

During a general day I’ll use the forklift, pick back orders like cable, put stock on the shelves.

[Vision: Heath working - Sharon speaking]

First he was a bit shy.  He’s just come out in leaps and bounds now.  He’s on time.  He works back if he has to.

[Vision: Heath working]

Just wants to learn, learn, learn, learn.  He’s awesome.

[Vision: Heath speaking - Heath working]

I struggled since school finished until I got the job here because mainly I was nervous I guess and not very confident about it.  I did want to be an electrician.

[Vision: Heath speaking]

It was just kind of hard finding an apprenticeship.

[Vision: Sharon speaking]

We try to support people that have difficulties in, you know, getting jobs.

[Vision: Heath working]

Rather than just get someone who can do the job, we get someone in that we can teach. And give them an advantage to work their way up.

[Vision: Sharon speaking]

Because maybe one day he might be able to take over my position.

[Vision: Heath working - Heath speaking]

I get to know products and companies which would help me in the future.

[Vision: Sharon talking with Heath - Sharon speaking]

It’s great that Jobs Victoria and Whitelion and other companies will, you know, try and get together and help people because they can do it with a lot of leadership and help they’ll do it.

[Vision: Sharon speaking with Heath]

I enjoy it. It’s fun.

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