After completing school, it was hard for Heath to find enough employment to achieve his independence and he struggled with nerves in job interviews. Jobs Victoria Partner Whitelion helped Heath find his confidence in interviews. They assisted him into a job with AWM Electrical Data Supplies in West Melbourne, who have welcomed him into their community-minded workplace.

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Living in Wyndham Vale outside Werribee added an extra challenge for Heath to be able to get more than casual work after completing high school. He couldn’t travel far for work without a car, but without more work, he couldn’t afford a car.

Heath at work at AWM Electrical Data Supplies.

Heath at work at AWM Electrical Data Supplies.

Heath was referred to Jobs Victoria Partner Whitelion, who helped him with the processes of looking for a job, writing his resume, and meeting employers. Mock interviews helped Heath feel more confident, and the team at AWM Electrical Data Supplies in West Melbourne saw his potential.

Now Heath is working full time with a company that supports him and appreciates him. He has been able to buy a car and now has his independence and the encouragement he needs to stride ahead. He is looking forward to learning and making a career as an electrician, and AWM is supporting him all the way.

Jobs Victoria Partner Whitelion has been supporting young Australians for nearly 20 years. Collaborating with local communities, services, businesses and government, Whitelion works to find solutions to issues facing at-risk youth and helping them find help, work, independence, and to thrive.

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