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Caption: Craig Spicer - West@Work - Jobs Victoria Partner

[Vision: Workers packing broccoli]

Part of the Jobs Victoria program, which is that exciting new initiative that the Victorian Government commenced, Fresh Select have been a simply amazing working partner.

[Vision: Placing ice over broccoli and packing]

They’ve employed so far 12 people from the communities of Burma.

Caption: Paul Lausaweh - Team Leader, Fresh Select

[Vision: Paul spraying broccoli - talking to staff]

My name is Lausaweh.  I got this job from the Werribee Community Centre.

[Vision: Paul with packing crates]

Before I came to Australia we living about seven year almost, yeah, in a refugee camp.

[Vision: Craig speaking - Paul speaking with staff]

Coming from a refugee background it’s a real change of life for them.

[Vision: Paul speaking - Paul working]

First time when I arriving here I can’t speak the English at all, so I went to the school first learning English.

[Vision: Paul working - Paul speaking]

Then after one or two years I applying some job.

[Vision: Craig speaking]

Paul was a legend.  He started off as one of the workers on the line.

[Vision: Paul driving forklift - Paul talking to staff]

They’ve promoted him now to a forklift driver and a supervisor for the community’s Burma team, and he’s the interpreter.

[Vision: Craig speaking]

They listen to him and they look up to him.

[Vision: Paul speaking]

I think now the people from my community, you know, they like - they’re more, like, happy, you know, because they get a job now.

[Vision: Craig speaking]

Jobs Victoria, I think it’s just an amazing initiative.

[Vision: Paul speaking with staff]

It’s local people getting local jobs.

[Vision: Paul speaking]

The language, you know, it’s like we cannot speak English, you know, it’s pretty hard to get a job, you know.

Because when we get help from community centre, the people who are helping community people to get a job.

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