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Kyal Atkinson, 16 - School Based Trainee, Victoria Police

My name is Kyal Atkinson.  I'm in Year 11 at St Joseph's at Echuca.  I have a school-based traineeship at Echuca Police Station.

[Vision:  Kyal walking through carpark]

That's a two year course to get my Cert III in Business Administration.

[Kyal speaking]

I got this job through Jobs Victoria and Skillinvest.

Tanya Morrison, 16 - School Based Trainee, Victoria Police

Hi, I'm Tanya Morrison.  I am currently studying in Year 11 VCE.  I go to Dimboola Memorial Secondary College.  I was at school just doing my normal stuff, and I was pulled out of class with my Principal and my Careers Teacher.  And they came up and said would you like to do this for a traineeship?  And I was so excited I said yes on the spot.

[Vision:  Police Station - flags - Kyal at computer]

Really I just do like paperwork, and I've done some spreadsheets and like infringement notices.

[Vision:  Tanya filing]

I go out and I do filing for the property officers.

[Vision:  Kyal checking first aid kits in vehicles - filling out an order form]

Once a month I go through like the first aid kits, and like make sure everything's there, and if it's not put in an order form.

Geoff Owen - Inspector, Victoria Police

We've got a Koorie population here in the Campaspe area, and Victoria Police is a diversified employer.

[Vision:  Geoff and Kyal at table speaking - Tanya at computer - Geoff entering room to speak with Tanya]

We'd like to have more Koorie people as sworn members of Victoria Police, and we take every opportunity we can to improve the relationships between Koorie and police, and this is one of those foundations.

[Vision:  Geoff speaking with Tanya - Tanya speaking]

My Nan was like before I started it, are you sure you want to do this?  I'm like I am sure, I am positive I can do this.  I've always loved the police since I was six.  My family had a troublesome life.  Like my father when he was murdered when I was young, they helped keep my family happy.

[Kyal speaking]

I've wanted to be a police officer since I was in kinder.  

[Vision:  Kyal filing - Kyal speaking]

My uncle used to be like an Aborigine Liaison Officer, I don't know, I guess I looked up to him.

[Vision:  Geoff and Kyal speaking]

It would be good to be like an Aboriginal police officer, good for the community.

[Tanya speaking]

I guess it's just important to have like both cultures, to like bind and actually work together to cooperate to help one another through the situations that we all go through.

[Vision:  Tanya filing - Tanya speaking]

I never thought I'd be able to get to an area like this, and with the help of my teachers and my friends and family I can do this.  It sets me a standard to what I want to be.

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