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We're not a recruitment agency or a recruitment firm, so like any other small, medium sized business we face challenges with our recruiting processes, with our training and development processes.  So we've needed some support in those areas from external organisations.

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Matt Dickens, CEO of Corio Waste Management. The business is owned by the Dickens family, my family. 

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Corio Waste Management is involved in the collection, treatment and disposal of solid and liquid waste, including hazardous waste and sanitary and hygiene services.

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So we have 60 employees across four depots, and a waste treatment facility in Shepparton.

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We provide job opportunities through new contract wins, for example with local government.  Around half of those are based in Geelong.

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And around 50% of our workforce is drivers, operators of equipment.  And we partner with JVEN providers, for example Northern Futures or Whittington Works, to recruit drivers for those new contracts.  We found that very much a value-add service, an informal service which suits our needs. 

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It's been particularly helpful for us when we've needed to find employees quickly.  As an example, we won the litter bin, public litter bin collection contract with the Surf Coast Shire Council, and we needed drivers over the peak summer period to fulfil our obligations under that contract.  And that was on one occasion where Whittington Works were able to provide us with those resources and that support quickly, so that we could do a good job.

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It's worked really well.  The level of support that we've experienced from our JVEN providers is - makes this program very much worthwhile for small and medium sized businesses.

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Justin, from Whittington Works, has provided us with a single point of contact.  He calls in to see the supervisors and the managers of the drivers, the drivers themselves, just to check up on how they're going, whether they need any additional support, whether they need any additional training.

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I'd recommend the JVEN program for small and medium sized employers, specifically for entry level roles, or where there are opportunities for entry level job seekers to start a career in your organisation.

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