Corio Waste Management has been owned and run by the Geelong-based Dickens family for over 20 years. CEO Mat Dickens takes his community obligations seriously. He is committed to supporting local enterprise, providing sustainable and socially aware services and working to address unemployment in the Geelong region.

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Mat Dickens, CEO of Corio Waste Management

Mat Dickens, CEO of Corio Waste Management

Working with Jobs Victoria Partners Whittington Works Alliance and Northern Futures to recruit drivers has been a very positive process for Corio Waste Management. 

The ongoing support provided by Jobs Victoria means that Mat is able to recruit drivers quickly for big contracts and also find long-term employees who will build a career in his business.

Mat's advice for other small-to-medium businesses? Working collaboratively with Jobs Victoria takes the pressure off the recruitment process and provides valuable support for any business managing a shifting workforce.

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