Video Transcript

Caption: Phillip Yordonopulo - Ballarat Municipal Observatory

I’m Phillip Yordonopulo.  I work here at the Ballarat Municipal Observatory.

[Vision: Phillip outside observatory]

And I’ve gotten this position thanks to Jobs Victoria.

[Vision: Phillip speaking - making coffee - Phillip speaking]

I might be caught doing things like making a coffee during the day and perhaps presenting the sky and telescopes during the night.

[Vision: Phillip entering observatory]

The observatory is around 130 years old.  My dad threw me in the car at the age of 14, we pulled in here and dad paid for membership.

[Vision: Phillip speaking]

I love this place.

[Vision: Phillip making coffee]

This is technically my first job.  I’ve never had work before this.

[Vision: Phillip speaking]

I had Asperger’s Syndrome and so finding work isn’t so easy.

[Vision: Phillip making coffee]

Employers usually want someone experienced and qualified.

[Vision: Phillip serving coffee]

And being autistic I haven’t got my qualifications yet.

[Vision: Phillip speaking]

I’d like to but I haven’t yet.  And getting experience, well I’ve got to get a job to get experience, so it’s kind of a vicious circle.

[Vision: Inside observatory]

I have spent time homeless just shortly after I turned 18.

[Vision: Phillip opening observatory roof and checking telescope]

For a while there my parents didn’t want to look after me.

[Vision: Phillip speaking]

I had to entirely rely off the network here in Ballarat of charity and assistance.  That wasn’t easy.  Those times are tough.

[Vision: Phillip adjusting telescope]

Never give up.  If you give up you’ve lost then and there.

[Vision: Phillip speaking]

I had my moments of doubt.  Having doubt and giving up are two completely different things.

[Vision: Phillip holding coffee and smiling]

One needs to have the confidence to try and make an effort.

[Vision: Phillip speaking]

If you’re making an effort you’re going to go further than if you’re not.

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