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Oh, there was times where I thought there was just no hope.  There was nothing, it wasn't going to get any better you know.  I hit rock bottom and I couldn't go any further.  I was living on the street, so you can't go much further.

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Hi, I'm Nathan Murphy.  I work for Global Recycling and I'm linked in with CBGT.

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I've been there for about a month now, operating machine, driving forklift, cleaning, the basic stuff, but yeah, it's a job so it's pretty good.  I'm rapt.

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I had court hearings pending, and I went to Broadmeadows Magistrate's Court about five and a half months ago.

[Nathan Murphy speaking]

And I had no legal representation.  I was going there to represent myself.

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I got linked up with George Douglas that then put me onto Sophie that day.

[Nathan Murphy speaking]

They said do I want to work?  And, I said yes.  

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So I got taken off the streets that day.  I got put into shared accommodation.  I was there for approximately six weeks, and then moved out into a house with a friend in Broadmeadows.  And, yeah, things have been going good since then.

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I am trying to change.  I am trying to do the right thing.  I just want the best for my family.

[Nathan Murphy speaking]

I've got a 10 month old daughter, a baby girl.  I haven't been around much.  I haven't been the best dad.  

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So, you know, it's been hard but I'm trying to make up for that now by getting job.

[Nathan Murphy speaking - walking along path]

It's important to get up every day and go to work.  The days were you don't want to go to work I look at the photo of my daughter and, you know, I'm doing it for me and her, you know, so she's got a better future.  You've just got to reach out to support, support lines, the people programs.

[Nathan Murphy speaking - Nathan Murphy sitting and smiling]

You know, there's help out there just got to dig for it you know.  If I didn't meet Sophie honestly I would be in gaol right now.  I can wake up of a morning and go to work without having to worry, you know, thanks to these people, CBGT and everyone that's helped me.  Yeah.

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