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[Kathy Warren - Regional Manager BlueCross Sapphire Care]

[Vision:  Kali serving residents]

The quality of staff that we find aren’t always necessarily suited to aged care.

[Vision:  Kathy speaking]

We want ones that are passionate about aged care.

[Vision:  Kali serving residents]

We want ones that really love working with aged, and love working as a team.

[Vision:  Kathy speaking - Kali being trained by Debbie in how to make coffee]

We approached Jobs Victoria because we were looking at some type of initiative to bring in workers into this industry.

[Wendy Fergie - Strategic Relationship Director, Emprevo]

A:  They were very enthusiastic; and

B:  They put us in contact with White Lion and we started the journey.

And it’s been, I can tell you, unbelievably amazing.

[Vision:  Wendy chatting with people - Wendy speaking]

I’ve worked for Emprevo which is a digital workforce platform that has come out of Sapphire Care to help manage the workforce.

[Vision:  Kali making coffee - Wendy speaking]

We could see some real advantages of working with disadvantaged or long-term unemployed to try and channel them into the aged care workforce as well.

[Vision:  Kali working]

And you can see the success we’ve got with Kali.

[Debbie Georgiou - Café Manager, BlueCross Sapphire Care]

And just seeing here transition, you know, from the very first moment she walked in with absolutely no experience and how now she is running this café.

[Vision:  Kali working]

It’s been absolutely nothing but positive.

Kali Webb - Trainee, Bluecross Sapphire Care

I just like making other people happy.

So, like the fact that I can make their day just remembering the smallest little things.

[Vision:  Kali working]

Or making them smile because they don’t feel like they’re in an aged care facility, they can actually feel like they’re in the outside world.

[Vision:  Wendy speaking]

And our dream is to replicate this and to grow it.

[Vision:  Kathy speaking]

We need other employers to take this on board and help these organisations and help these kids from whatever part they come from, or adults as well.

[Vision:  Kali and Debbie working - Kathy speaking]

I think if they’re wanting quality carers, quality nurses, this is where they need to tap into.

[Vision:  Kali and Debbie working - Kathy speaking]

And they’re going to mentor and build them to how the organisation wants them.

[Vision:  Wendy speaking]

So no one entity can do it on their own.

I think that that’s the key here and that’s what we’ve worked out that as a group we can all do it together and it does work.

And it gets over all the hurdles.

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