Work With Me follows the journey of five individuals in their search for meaningful employment.


Admin support, Adecco Derrimut

Jobs Victoria Partner: Workways

Diagnosed with Asperger's when he was three years old, Mike has always struggled to fit in. While completing a carpentry pre-apprenticeship, Mike was ridiculed by his fellow students, which set him on a five-year self-destructive path. His mother, Antoinette, feared the worst for her son until he started taking proactive steps towards finding employment. A job opportunity that presents itself not only changes Mike's life, but that of his co-workers.


Accountant, PT Hydraulics Australia

Jobs Victoria Partner: Australian Multicultural Community Services

Born in Sri Lanka and recently migrated to Australia from Botswana, Shanika is a single mother to 17-year-old Duveen, Shanika's outlook on life is 'glass half full', but after six months of unsuccessful job hunting, she is on the brink of losing her house and having to face the realities of her situation. A networking opportunity holds the key to not only her fate, but her son's.


Works at Bulmer Farms, Gippsland

Jobs Victoria Partner: East Gippsland Food Cluster

Rodney lives in regional Victoria and has worked as a labourer most of his life. When his mum became terminally ill Rodney took on the care of his older disabled brother. As crucial years passed Rodney worries that he had missed his work prime, until he applied for four advertised jobs with the same company - none of which he was qualified for.


Works at Foodworks, Sunbury

Jobs Victoria Partner: Orygen

Having just finished Year 12, Alana, a computer gaming enthusiast, thought it would be easy to find employment. However, 60-80 job applications later, she loses her confidence - until she gets a part-time position at a local camping store. An unfortunate incident at work sees Alana's employment short lived and results in her spiralling downwards with anxiety. A reference from Alana's doctor connects her with a vocational mentor. Her new mentor helps her thrive in a new job, and develop her gaming, which proves to be far more than just a hobby.


Disability support worker at Moe Life Skills Community Centre

Jobs Victoria Partner: Workways

Born in Sudan, Stephen lived in a refugee camp in Ethiopia for 17 years before receiving refugee status in Australia. On his quest for work Stephen meets Peter, a Jobs Victoria Mentor, who encourages him to include the stories of his past in his resume, with surprising results.

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