Jobs Victoria Workers in Transition offers tailored support to businesses facing retrenchments. Get in touch so we can provide assistance to you and your affected workers.

We have developed a guide for workers facing retrenchment to ensure they understand the retrenchment process and their options for the future. The guide contains information about financial counselling, job searching and upskilling, and where to seek emotional support throughout the process.

We have also developed regional guides that provide information about where workers can access support services in their local area.

We can offer group information sessions to help retrenched workers understand the services and options available to them to support them through the process.

Tailored workshops are available to meet particular needs of retrenched workers and may cover topics such as personal well being and support, career development, financial advice, English literacy, digital literacy and how to start a business.

One-on-one sessions can be customised to the needs of retrenched workers who are at high-risk of becoming long-term unemployed.

The Jobs Victoria Workers in Transition team will determine which services are delivered according to the specific circumstances of the workers affected.

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Information collected via this form will help us to provide relevant career information to your affected workers.

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