ISS Institute and Jobs Victoria are pleased to announce the ten recipients of the Jobs Victoria International Fellowships!

10 May 2018

These Jobs Victoria Mentors will be traversing the globe, from Brazil to the US, Cambodia to Germany, to uncover best-practice employment models to inform our work here in Victoria.

The recipients of the 2018 Jobs Victoria international Fellowships are:

Sara Amaral, The Bridge Inc.
Gina Chinnery, Orygen
Simon Crabb, Social Ventures Australia
Georgia King, Whitelion
Mark Little, CVGT Australia
Victoria Mead, McAuley Community Services for Women
Rick Sproal, Worn Gundidj Aboriginal Co-Operative
Lorraine Thomson, McAuley Community Services for Women
Jamie-Lee Volkov, Orygen
Ausra Wells, The Bridge Inc.

Georgia King from Whitelion

Georgia King from Whitelion

The ISS Institute is delivering these fellowships, awarded under the Jobs Victoria Innovation Fund.

The Jobs Victoria International Fellowships provide an opportunity for practitioners working within Jobs Victoria Partner organisations to investigate and explore international models and approaches that deliver mainstream employment outcomes for jobseekers facing barriers to employment. The outcomes and impact of the research undertaken is designed to advance innovative, best practice and emerging models of delivering employment support.

Fellows will share their learnings with other Jobs Victoria Partners, identify new employment service approaches that could be adopted in Victoria, offer an opportunity for networked learning exchange, and create value across the sector.

Find out more about the fellowships at the ISS Institute website

Round 2 of the Jobs Victoria Innovation Fund is now open for applications until 31 May 2018