A new program is helping young jobseekers in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs find sustainable work and make a difference in their local communities.

27 April 2017

Not-for-profit charity AFL SportsReady and the Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) have joined forces to create the Pathways to Work program – supporting young people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

The program will help place 100 young people into jobs over four years across the cities of Casey and Dandenong. It offers tailored work experience placements that range from one-day 'work tasters' to full-time four-week placements, helping young people build skills and obtain local referees to strengthen their resumes.

The Hon. Wade Noonan, Minister for Industry and Employment and participants of the Pathway program, Mustaf Aden, Ahmad Suleiman and Ali Nazari.

Participants in the Pathways to Work program at the program launch. Image courtesy of AFL SportsReady.

Over the past 20 years, AFL SportsReady has helped almost 13,000 young people – including more than 1,700 Aboriginal jobseekers – find work across a number of industries. It has linked with more than 700 partner organisations including large companies, professional sporting clubs, schools and many smaller businesses which help young people find work.

CMY has extensive experience in supporting culturally diverse communities and provides the expertise required to inspire young people to gain employment.

AFL SportsReady is one of the specialist employment experts who form part of the Jobs Victoria Employment Network. JVEN is Jobs Victoria's core program to help disadvantaged Victorian jobseekers find jobs and keep them.

Find out more about the Pathways to Work program, and read about the experiences of participants, here

Find out how to apply here

News courtesy of http://economicdevelopment.vic.gov.au 27 April 2017