Fitted for Work - video transcript

23 May 2017

[Vision:  Building - Fitted for Work sign]

Donna de Zwart - CEO, Fitted for Work

So Fitted for Work, our mission is to help women who are experiencing disadvantage into employment, and sustainable employment, and keep that employment.

[Vision:  Shoes and clothes etcetera, people mingling]

We do that through our outfitting service, but also providing a lot of confidence to women in terms of their internal conversations in getting them ready for work.

[Vision:  Women posing for photo]

They can present their best version of themselves.

Wade Noonan - Minister for Industry and Employment

I've had an opportunity to meet a number of women who have told me very brave stories about their own circumstances.

[Vision:  Women meeting Wade Noonan and talking]

And those circumstances have included fleeing domestic violence and being close to homelessness.

[Vision:  Wade Noonan speaking - women speaking with Wade Noonan]

Essentially, really driven right to the edge and then being brought back through their own perseverance and the support of Fitted for Work, essentially to restore their confidence, build their self-esteem, and get them to a position where they're thinking more positively about their future.

Helen Politis - Fitted for Work Client

Hearing the stories adds substance and understanding to the value and the benefit of funding these sorts of programs.

[Wade Noonan speaking]

Today I'm very delighted to announce that the Victorian Government, through our Jobs Victoria Employment Network, will make a contribution of $150,000 to Fitted for Work.

[Vision:  Wade Noonan addressing room - Donna de Zwart speaking]

There's something very special about women validating other women in their journey to employment and helping them.

[Vision:  Speaker at podium]

We know that there's a ripple effect that happens.

[Helen Politis speaking - view of women with Wade Noonan - photographers taking photos]

It's really an investment, not only in women who have suffered disadvantage, but actually an investment in the community.

Raewyn Gill - Fitted for Work Client

I was kind of stuck and yeah, Fitted for Work helped me at a time when really no-one else could.

[Vision:  fitted for work - Jobs Victoria / Working for all Victorians]

[Victoria State Government]

[Speaker:  Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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