You got the resume sorted. You aced the interview. Then you scored the job. But what are going to wear on your first day?

10 May 2018

Brittany is one of Jobs Victoria's Youth Cadets, starting out in a career in the public service. Like many just beginning a full time job, she needs to have professional work clothes, and that can be difficult to achieve when you've been out of work, or are just leaving school.

That's where Fitted for Work comes in. Through its free services, women like Brittany are able to start work feeling confident and looking fantastic.

Fitted for Work's mission is to help women experiencing disadvantage get work and keep it. It offers personal outfitting for interview and work life, but that's not all. Fitted for Work also offers intensive interview training, mentoring, work experience placements and workplace familiarisation sessions with its corporate and business partners.

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