Peter Langdon had 40 years experience in the auto manufacturing industry, when he lost his job through the closure of Ford. With Jobs Victoria's assistance, Peter has now traded the production line for a job building some of our most recognised emergency vehicles.

25 July 2017

When automotive manufacturing plants closed in Australia many long-term employees lost their jobs. For workers like Peter, it was a daunting prospect to find another job. He had the skills and experience, but writing resumes, searching online for opportunities and going through application processes were not familiar to him.

Jobs Victoria's partners are there to help workers like Peter who are trying to re-enter their industries after a long time of secure employment, assisting with writing resumes, searching for and applying for positions. In addition, the Victorian Government's Local Industry Fund for Transition (LIFT) program has been set up to support businesses in Melbourne's North, West and South-East and the Geelong Region to create sustainable jobs, through capital investment.

R A Bell & Company, manufacturers of Victoria's fire and emergency response vehicles, received a $1 million grant from LIFT to create 51 new jobs, including 39 opportunities for ex-auto workers like Peter.

Peter was registered with Jobs Victoria Partner Choice Career Services and the Jobs Victoria team linked Choice with R A Bell. Peter was able to get a position with R A Bell, staying in the industry he enjoys, and getting back into the swing of employment.

Recently Minister Wade Noonan visited the Sunshine North plant and met Peter, who told him "after working my whole life, finding myself unemployed was a bit of an eye opener." He knew the jobs were out there, but not how to find them. With the help of Jobs Victoria and Choice Career Services, Peter was able to discover the new opportunities provided by the LIFT program.

Watch Peter's story here:

Grants of up to $2 million are available to Victorian businesses to create new jobs and expand their operations. For more information about LIFT, visit