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Has your job been affected by business closure or industry transition? We can help you retrain and reskill.

If you have recently been retrenched, or you are facing retrenchment in the future, Jobs Victoria can help. We can assist you to retrain and provide free support services to improve your chances of finding new work.

Jobs Victoria Workers in Transition

We have developed a guide for workers facing retrenchment, providing information about financial counselling, jobsearching and upskilling, and where to seek emotional and financial support.

You can download the guide here or click here for the Support for workers facing retrenchment pages on this website.

Support from Jobs Victoria Partners

Our network of Jobs Victoria Partners throughout Victoria can assist you to find new work following retrenchment.

Find a Jobs Victoria Partner in your area

Work and Learning Centres

In partnership with the Brotherhood of St Laurence and local community agencies, Jobs Victoria has created a network of Work and Learning Centres that may be able to assist you in finding re-training opportunities in your area.

There are five centres in Victoria in Carlton, North Geelong, Moe, Ballarat and Shepparton.

Find your nearest Work and Learning Centre at the Brotherhood of St Laurence website

Support for employees affected by the closure of Hazelwood

With the closure of Hazelwood power station, Jobs Victoria is working with the Latrobe Valley Authority to support workers and their families in the transition.

The Worker Transition Service can connect you to the right services and give you access to skills training, information and personal support. With assistance, you can find new employment, get help starting a business, or be supported into retirement.

All employees of Hazelwood, including contractors, supply chain employees and their family members, have access to the Worker Transition Service.

Latrobe Valley Authority's Worker support services

Support for auto workers

Jobs Victoria works with other Victorian Government departments to support auto workers affected by changes in the industry.

If you and your family have been affected by changes in the auto industry, your first port of call should be a Skills and Jobs Centre. These centres, located throughout Victoria, will give you advice on training and employment opportunities.

They can assist you with apprenticeships or training courses, refer you to additional welfare support and financial advice, help with job search skills and resumes, and advise you on opportunities in your industry or in other industries that could use your skills.

Find your nearest Skills and Job Centre