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[Trying to get a foot in the door? The Victorian Government has entry-level jobs for young people aged 15-24 that can help kick-start your career]

Cerrin Karpany - Cadet, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

My name is Cerrin Karpany and I work for the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions.

[Vision: Cerrin walking into Parliament of Victoria building with manila folder]

I finished Year 12 and then I became a very young mum.

When she was going into school and I thought well now it’s time to do something for me.

[Vision: Cerrin speaking]

So then I got a traineeship with the Department of Environment.

[Vision: Cerrin working at computer]

And then I found a cadetship after that.

[Vision: Cerrin speaking]

The cadetship means you go into depth a little bit more.

[Vision: Cerrin working at computer]

It gives you the advantages to work in different areas.

[Vision: Cerrin speaking - Youth Cadetship Scheme: Work part time, study part time - Cerrin walking through office]]

It’s a bonus, you get to study in a classroom which helps a lot, because then you are with other students who are there to learn and also share their ideas and opinions.

[Vision: Cerrin speaking with Frances Martin]

Frances Martin - A/g Director, Social and Economic Inclusion, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions]

We were so lucky to get a cadet like Cerrin.

She’s always pushing herself, wanting to learn more.

In fact at her job interview she said a major concern was would she learn enough with us, and I promised her that that would definitely be the case.

[Vision: Cerrin speaking]

My title is Administration Support Officer.

[Vision: Cerrin working at computer - Cerrin speaking on phone - Cerrin speaking]

I’m in the Deputy Secretary’s office, so I get to talk to everyone about anything and everything that the Deputy Secretary is wanting, so that gives me the advantage to meet new people, learn new skills.

[Vision: Frances speaking]

It’s a chance to really learn as a team, to work together to support someone.

[Vision: Frances speaking with Cerrin]

We start preparing them to apply for substantive roles within the VPS at an entry level.

[Vision: Frances speaking]

So come the end of the cadetship they have a competitive opportunity to develop those skills and be successful with their application.

[Vision: Cerrin working at computer - Cerrin speaking]

As a mum role model is the one thing that I will want to be for her.

It’s really important for me to show her that if you put your mind to it you can actually do anything you want to do.

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