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Whether your organisation needs to recruit, or is managing a retrenchment process, our programs can help.

If your organisation needs help with recruitment, Jobs Victoria provides a cost-effective, efficient service that understands and supports your business needs.

Jobs Victoria and our statewide network of partners will work with you to understand your business and industry, as well as your local community, to help you find the right staff, when you need them.

We can link you with candidates who are motivated and job-ready. We provide our jobseekers with work-relevant training and active support that will help them successfully integrate into your business.

How can Jobs Victoria assist with recruitment?

Jobs Victoria and our network of partners will support your recruitment at no cost to your business.

We will:

  • work with you to identify exactly the skills and experience your business needs
  • identify suitable candidates that match these needs
  • provide the selected jobseekers with employment preparation that may include vocational training, upskilling and mentoring

Once you have successfully recruited via Jobs Victoria, our support does not stop there. We understand you're busy, so we will provide six months of post-placement support for each new employee to ensure a smooth transition into your workplace.

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A success story

Watch a short video interview with Mat Dickens, CEO of Corio Waste Management in Geelong, who has been working with Jobs Victoria to manage his recruitment:

Read the video transcript here

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How can Jobs Victoria support businesses facing retrenchment?

BiTS (Business in Transition Support) is a Jobs Victoria program designed to help reduce the adverse impact of retrenchments. We provide tailored information sessions to help employees understand what retrenchment means for them as well as strategies and options for them as they respond to retrenchment. The program is open to any business or employer in Victoria that is currently undertaking or considering a retrenchment process.

Find more information on BiTS here