Register for one of the VEC’s temporary roles and play your part in delivering the big day

Worker sits at desk with laptop

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) has put out the call for help to ‘top up’ their reserves of temporary election day staff for the Victorian state election, on Saturday 26 November 2022.

The VEC maintains a database of Victorians registered for election work but is anticipating the need for more support at critical points and in specific locations across the state.

As a result, the VEC is inviting people to join the large temporary workforce on election day, to ensure there is no disruption to the provision of election services.

The VEC is looking for people keen to sign up for a variety of roles, including:

  • working in voting centres
  • conducting mobile voting at selected facilities
  • counting votes
  • data entry
  • general office assistant positions.

Contributing to the delivery of a state election is a unique and rewarding experience, and the VEC hopes you will join them in their work to ensure all eligible Victorians can have their vote counted.

Previous election experience is not required. The VEC will pay you for your work on the day of election and for any necessary training required.

How to register

It’s easy to register, with no need to submit a resume or cover letter. To get involved, Register for election work.

To be considered for appointment for election work, you must complete a disclosure of political activities. The VEC will assess this disclosure to confirm appropriate neutrality prior to appointment.

COVID-19 vaccination requirements

Election staff will need to show evidence of their COVID-19 vaccination status when starting in any role.

Election staff who sign on to join the large temporary workforce on election day will need to have received 2 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine or evidence of a valid medical exemption.

Find out more

For more information, refer to the VEC’s Register for election work web page.