Nobody Denim is an iconic Australian clothing brand, created in Fitzroy and worn across the globe. Managing Director John Condilis needed to find the right people to learn the special techniques that make the brand unique. With the help of Jobs Victoria, he has built a diverse workforce of passionate young people.

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John Condilis is the Managing Director of Nobody Denim – an iconic Australian clothing brand with fans across the globe. Nobody jeans have been donned by models, singers and actresses, including Miranda Kerr, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Emily Blunt and Jessica Alba.

Nobody Denim manufactures clothing in its Fitzroy laundry, where John employs a team of more than 80 staff who contribute to each part of the production process. To continue producing high quality denim garments within Australia, John realised he needed more staff who had the right skills, or the capacity to learn them on the job.

Christopher Batterham in the Nobody Denim workshop

Christopher Batterham in the Nobody Denim workshop.

John found the staff he was looking for by contacting Jobs Victoria. Working with Jobs Victoria Partner WCIG, Nobody Denim employed a number of Jean Grinders with the passion and determination John was after. Their role is to distress the jeans, which involves brushing, washing and bleaching to get the colour right, drying and giving rips and tears so they are ready for delivery.

Nobody Denim is committed to producing all their denim garments within Australia. This has earned them Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation, which means they company’s supply chain and manufacturing processes remain transparent. Thanks to the right staff, Nobody Denim continued to produce high quality garments.

Providing good working conditions and a strong organisational culture is important to Nobody Denim. With support from Jobs Victoria they have found employees who contribute to this culture.

“By creating a diverse community within our organisation it gives us a thriving environment,” John says.

John encourages other employers to contact Jobs Victoria to find out what skills and potential employees are out there.

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