For former Australian Navy servicewoman Cheryl Walshe, the Jobs Victoria Fund meant an opportunity to secure the perfect permanent part-time role with Ballarat-based residential construction company, Stroud Homes, putting an end to working casual jobs and giving her and her husband the added financial security they needed.

Cheryl at work at Stroud Homes.

Cheryl at work at Stroud Homes.

After recovering from an injury sustained working on a production line, Cheryl was looking for a role that could offer her greater permanency and less physical strain on her body.

As a veteran, Cheryl’s local recruitment agency in Ballarat, JK Personnel explained that she could take advantage of the Victorian Government’s Jobs Victoria Fund, which provides wage subsidies of up to $20,000 for eligible employers to hire jobseekers from certain backgrounds which includes veterans and women aged over 45.

The mutual benefits of the program for employers and employees

“I would like to think that employers can really benefit from the skills I acquired in the Navy, including being resourceful, a hard worker, resilient, loyal, a great problem solver and someone who never gives up,” says Cheryl.

“Life skills are highly transferrable in the workplace and in my new role as an Administrative Assistant with Stroud Homes, I am continually expanding my knowledge and putting my existing skills to good use,” she added.

A younger Cheryl in her Navy uniform.

A younger Cheryl in her Australian Navy uniform.

Stroud Homes Office Manager, Kylie Vagg, believes her business was very lucky to not only employ an exceptional staff member, but to be rewarded for doing so.

“Our accountant was aware of the Jobs Victoria Fund and suggested it to us. As a relatively new business, we are growing and being able to claim a wage subsidy on Cheryl’s position is an absolute bonus,” said Kylie.

“Cheryl is our first hire using the wage subsidy and we would absolutely do it again given the opportunity. The paperwork was easy to complete, and I would recommend the scheme to other employers.”

At least 60 per cent of jobs supported by the Jobs Victoria Fund will be for women, reflecting the significant impact the pandemic has had on their employment opportunities.

For more information, visit Jobs Victoria Fund