Video Transcript


    1.       Young woman making bed.

    2.       Young woman smiling.

    Text: JobsBank will break down barriers to employment for long-term jobseekers.

    3.       Man in yellow shirt walking near weir.

    4.       Man in yellow shirt working.

    5.       Man in yellow shirt gardening.

    Text: JobsBank will provide extra support to those who need it most.

    6.       Man in high-vis vest walking.

    7.       Man in high-vis vest talking.

    8.       Man in high-vis vest in front of truck.

    Text: Businesses have a key role to play by giving people a chance to show what they have to offer

    9.       Young man blue shirt walking in police station carpark.

    10.     Young man in blue shirt talking with policeman.

    11.     Young man in blue shirt smiling.

    Text: We can reduce the stigma of unemployment and make sure nobody is falling through the cracks.

    12.     Young lady in office.

    13.     Young lady in office writing.

    14.     Young lady in office laughing.

    Text: We're working together to get you working.

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